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Frequently Asked Questions


When should I consult using menstrual cup with a doctor?

· If you use IUD/IUS (in some cases it may be dislodged while using menstrual cup).
· If you have pelvic organ prolapse (POP).
· When your pelvic floor muscles are very weak and when you suffer from urinary.
· If you have, or suspect you have, a gyneacological condition consult your doctor before you use Perfect Cup (cervical ectroption, defects in body structure, cervical cancer, if you had TSS incident, if you have a lot of stitches after natural childbirth). · If you are a virgin – there are no contraindications for use menstrual cup by virgins, but this is delicate issue, so we recommend consultation with your doctor.

Can menstrual cup get lost inside me?

A menstrual cup cannot pass through cervix, so it cannot get lost inside you. Some woman has a long vagina, so you should be careful not to insert your cup as high as tampon. If you cannot reach the stem, relax, breath slowly and squat, because when squatting it is easier to get your cup’s stem. To ease your Perfect Cup keep gently downward pushing, a sequence of 10-15 slow and gentle pushing will release your cup and it will be pushed lower, so you can reach it and remove. The other tip is, you can put some string (like tampon string) to the stem to make you feel more comfortable.

Do you need to wear a reusable pad with menstrual cup as an additional protection when I start using Perfect Cup?

You can use reusable pad at the begging of using menstrual cup, but when you insert it properly there is no need to use any pad while using Perfect Cup.

Do you need two menstrual cups?

No. You don’t need two cups, but it is more convenient and more hygienic to have two.

Are there any menstrual cup’s disadvantages?

No. The only thing is silicone’s discoloration but it does not reduce its effectiveness. You can prevent discoloration through rinsing it with cold water first when emptying. From time to time you can put the cup into a hot water with salt, citric acid, soda bicarbonate or vinegar (choose one of it) to refresh your cup.

How often should you empty menstrual cup?

The frequency of emptying the cup depends on how heavy your menstruation flow is. In the beginning it is recommended to empty the cup as frequently as you used to change your pads or tampons. On average you should empty the Perfect Cup every 4-8 hours. The maximum time for continuous usage is 12 hours. It isn’t recommended to keep the cup too long in the vagina without emptying it, since it may increase the risk of bacterial growth.

How to clean and care about menstrual cup?

Before the first use sterilize your Perfect Cup to be sure it is fully hygienic. Cover your menstrual cup with hot water and boil it for 5-10 minutes. After menstruation, clean and sterilize your Perfect Cup in the same way.

During the period you just need to wash it thoroughly with clean water after each emptying.

How to store your menstrual cup?

There is a cotton pouch included with your Perfect Cup to store your cup between periods. Do not use any hermetic boxes or anything with no air access. It may cause bacterial growth on your cup.

Can a menstrual cup fall out?

Correctly inserted menstrual cup should not fall out. Your vaginal muscles keep it in a place, so it should not fall out.

Can you use a menstrual cup overnight?

Yes! You can safely use your Perfect Cup menstrual cup overnight. It can be worn up to 12 hours at a time.

Can you exercise when using Perfect Cup?

Yes, you can! You can swim, dance, run and do any other form of exercises.

Why menstrual cups are better than pads and tampons?

Perfect Cup is produced of high-grade medical silicone Silpuran. Unlike traditional hygiene products, Perfect Cup menstrual cup does not irritate the vaginal mucosa or cause any dryness. Perfect Cup is free of any potentially harmful chemicals, BPA, latex and therefore completely safe. Perfect Cup menstrual cup hold your menstrual fluid 4-6 times more than a single tampon or pad. Therefore, despite your activity or time, you can wear your Perfect Cup up to 12 h at a time. Correctly inserted Perfect Cup fully adapts to your body. It is so comfortable that you will not feel wearing it. Once purchased Perfect Cup will last for 5-10 years, so it reduces monthly expenses for traditional hygiene products and contribute to reducing production of monthly hygiene waste.

The smell of menstrual cup

The Perfect Cup menstrual cup is made of the highest grade quality medical silicone Silpuran from the German company Wacker. This silicone is odorless, but it may absorb smells from air and liquids. This may cause that the menstrual cup will have an undesirable smell of cosmetics, chemical cleaning products, packaging, production processes and storage as well as resulting from use. Removing the smell requires cooking for about 20 minutes. If the smell remains, repeat the action until the desired effect is obtained. You can put a cup in a solution with vinegar or salt. It will also help in case there is a discoloration resulting from use.

A cup with an aroma can be used using the hygiene measures as described in the manual instructions.

This site is only an information about menstrual cups and it’s usage. Any doubt regarding the usage of the Perfect Cup should be consulted with a doctor or other professional medical specialist.

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